101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets

Marcus Byrne
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101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets is a must have resource for anyone interested in creating visually striking AI Art in Midjourney with ease.

Become a prompt master by following over 100 Prompt Secrets. Packed with stunning images with corresponding prompts to copy. The images are carefully crafted with descriptive language to establish the tone and style of each image. Variables within the prompts can be altered to generate new and unique images. Simply copy and paste the prompts into Discord and replace the word or sentence in the brackets [variable] with a new subject. Now watch the magic happen.

  • Learn how to communicate with AI by following the prompts and tweaking the variable to make unique images.
  • Instantly create stunning digital art for projects, presentations, publications, album covers, band posters and book covers.

Subjects include:

  • Illustrations
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Line art
  • Industrial and Architectural Design
  • 3D Character Design
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy and Abstract Concepts
  • Animals and Insects
  • Low Poly Illustrations
  • Ink drawings
  • Photography Techniques
  • Rendering Styles
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101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets teaches prompt crafting and descriptive language to create visually striking imagery with ease.


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101 Midjourney Prompt Secrets

15 ratings
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